Nature Journaling – Drawing Ideas For Spring

Spring is in full bloom over here now and I’ve taken the opportunity and created a new class around nature journaling in spring!

We’ll go for a hike together and take a look at different creative techniques for nature journaling now that nature is waking up again and you can see all kinds of plants, bugs, butterflies and fresh greens. I will share lots of different ideas for drawing in your sketchbook now that nature is waking up, and how you can explore sketching outside in spring.

We’ll take a look at:

  • different nature journaling techniques
  • several step-by-step demonstrations of what I paint in my sketchbook in this season
  • how to sketch flowers, bees and butterflies and add color with watercolor
  • how to make a small map
  • how to draw live birds when you don’t have any birds near you
  • how to explore the colors of spring
  • practical tips for beginner and intermediate nature journalers

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to get started or continue nature journaling in spring, and anyone who wants to keep creative throughout the year. The different techniques shown in this class will help you to find new ways to express yourself with pencil and paint and you can use them for any creative project. Your skill level doesn’t matter as long as you have curiosity and an interest in nature, so this class is great for sketchbook beginners!

I hope you’ll be inspired to explore spring in your sketchbook with this class! I had a lot of fun filming it – a big portion of the class took place outside in nature.

Join me here: Nature Journal – Drawing Ideas For Spring

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