My Favorite Watercolor Mixes Right Now

I’m always experimenting and trying out new mixes with my watercolors. I do have a few favorites right now that’d I’d like to show today. Mixing watercolor is always an exciting thing, you never quite know what the result will be, and there are differences even when using the same pigments by different manufacturers. I always try to document my mixing experiments, so that I know how I can get to a certain color even a few years later.

DS Buff Titanium PW6:1 + Schmincke Ruby Red PV19

These two mix to a light pale rose or a stronger pale pink, similar to Potters Pink but warmer. I like using this mix for clouds or for bird plumage.

Schmincke Maroon PBr7 + Schmincke Cobalt Blue PB28

The maroon is a wonderful warm brown that granulates a lot, so mixing it to a neutral with cobalt blue is great for clouds or skies. You can see the colors separate soon after mixing, so you need to stay active with the brush.

Schmincke May Green (PY15 + PG7) + W&N Green Gold (PY129)

May green is a convenience green that I like to have in my palette in spring. With the green gold it gets a slight golden tint that makes it a bit less intense and perfect for spring foliage.

What are your favorite mixes right now? Let me know in the comments!

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