I’m an illustrator based in Kassel, Germany. I’ve studied communications design and illustration at the HAW Hamburg.

I’ve been passionate about the natural world all my life, and I’m dedicated to connect art and nature in my work. I love to keep exploring in detail how nature works in my sketchbook and in detailed illustrations, and I’m fascinated by the multitude of shapes and colors and structures of the natural world.

I work both in traditional techniques (watercolor, gouache, ink) and digitally with a drawing tablet, depending on the project in a detailed naturalistic or more stylized approach.

My illustrations have appeared in magazines, books, on book covers, greeting cards, and more.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to hear about your project. You can contact me at: mail@juliabausenhardt.com

Teaching people how they can discover and connect to nature through making art is an important part of what I do, and I’m offering online classes (through Skillshare) and live workshops on the topic around Germany. Contact me if you want to organize a workshop with me.