I’m an illustrator based in Kassel, Germany. I’ve studied illustration and communications design at the HAW Hamburg.
My illustrations have appeared in magazines, books, on book covers, greeting cards, and more.

Most of my work is painted in gouache and watercolors and then combined with digital techniques. I’m forever inspired by nature and what you can see and feel outside: watching the wind make waves into golden fields, gathering mushrooms in mossy forests, falling asleep under an oak tree, creating bouquets from wildflowers, walking barefoot through the sand and collecting shells. I also enjoy the attention to detail in botanical reference books, the colors and patterns of folk art, and the work of William Morris and Japanese art. I like lettering and calligraphy and have spent several years studying both.

If you’re interested to work with me on a project or want to license one of my designs, I’d love to hear from you: mail@juliabausenhardt.com

I’m teaching online creative classes on illustration, watercolor, gouache and more on Skillshare. If you’re interested in learning from me, check out my classes on their platform or my Youtube channel. I also offer live workshops around Germany. Contact me if you want to organize one.

I love vegetarian food, new wave music and science fiction. When I’m not working, I love being in nature, at the farmer’s market or in the library.