How To Paint Clouds And The Sky – Learn to Paint Clouds in Watercolor (new class)

Do you sometimes wish you could just watch the clouds go by for an hour while not doing anything else? Now you can, at least almost! In my new class, we’ll take a relaxing time out and watch the sky and the passing clouds. And then we’ll take out our watercolors and paint them!

In this newest class, you’ll learn how relaxing wet-in-wet watercolor can be when you paint skyscapes and add clouds with the lightest brushstrokes. Learn to paint fluffy, ethereal or dramatic realistic clouds.

We’ll take a look at:

  • cloud anatomy (I’m a big cloud nerd and will tell you about the names of clouds while we paint them)
  • color choices for your sky
  • practical tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate painters.
  • step-by-step demonstrations for different types of clouds and skies (sunny weather, thunderstorm, sunset, and much more) in wet-in-wet watercolor

Whether you want to observe and paint the sky on its own or integrate your cloud painting skills into a landscape painting, you will learn the skills you need for it in this class.

Grab your watercolors, curl up in a comfy chair near a window and enroll here:

Painting Sky And Watercolor Clouds – Techniques & Tips

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Enroll in the class now!

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