Nature Journaling Ideas For Winter – New Class

It’s finally winter here in Germany and every day I’m trying out new ways to stay creative with my nature journal. I know I’ve written a blog post about with lots of ideas for drawing in winter, and this week I’m happy to announce that I’ve published a new Skillshare class about the topic, too. If you want a bit of visual guidance and see what I draw and paint in my sketchbook in the cold season, then go take a look at this class!

In this new class, I’m taking a look at nature journaling in the winter months. I share my best ideas for drawing in your sketchbook in the cold season, and show you how you can explore sketching and get inspired even if nature seems to be less active right now.

We will take a look at:

  • different tools and techniques (Drawing, Watercolor, Ink)
  • ideas for nature journaling in winter
  • several step-by-step demonstrations of what I paint in my sketchbook in this season
  • how you can observe nature with your sketchbook in winter
  • how to build a drawing/painting habit in your nature journal

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to get started or continue nature journaling in winter, and anyone who wants to keep creative throughout the year. You can use these kind of nature studies in your sketchbook to develop your own ideas for any creative project, or simply to journal about your experiences in nature.

So this class is great for both beginners and advanced students, in fact, your skill level doesn’t matter as long as you have curiosity and an interest in nature. Everything else like drawing, composition and using color will fall into place by practicing, and I give a lot of practical tipps in my classes about these topics, too.

You can learn a lot about the natural world around us with this technique, and I hope you’ll be inspired to explore the winter season in your sketchbook by the end of this class.

Join me here to take the class!

Click here to enroll!

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