A big part of my daily journaling is centered about birds, and I draw them almost every day. I know that a lot of people think (as did I when I first started out) that birds are hard to draw, because they move around, fly away, and have all these feathers and weird movements.
They are actually great subjects because they can fly – that means they can be close to us and feel they are at a safe distance, while we are still able to watch them. And I love being able to capture a part of their wild lives in my sketchbook.

Since I’ve started to show my bird drawings I’ve been asked to show how to draw birds, and I also really wanted to to a workshop about this – as it turns out I’ve gotten the amazing chance to bring you a free online workshop on the topic next month (this will be announced on my newsletter!). But you don’t have to wait that long, because to fill the time I have prepared and filmed a new Skillshare class to show you basic techniques for drawing and painting birds in your sketchbook.

In the class, I will teach you principles you can apply to any bird drawing, and I will share my step by step process, as well as practical tips and tricks for better bird-drawings.

We we take a look at:
– how you can draw and paint birds from a photo
– tips for sketching birds live in the field
– my 5-step process for drawing a songbird
– exploring gestural sketches and an approach to more detailed drawings
– bird anatomy and practical tips for drawing birds
– how you can explore on your own after the class

We will use different materials like graphite and watercolor in the class.
This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to draw these delightful creatures that can be observed everywhere, and who wants to connect with nature through studying and drawing birds. The class is great for beginners, and with the step by step process I show and a bit of practice, you’ll be drawing realistic birds in no time. You will need basic drawing skills for the class, and a way to add color to your sketches.

What I want to show you is that drawing birds doesn’t have to be difficult.
You can use the drawing techniques from this class for any creative project involving birds, or simply for exploring different bird species in your sketchbook, or journaling about your bird sightings in nature.

I hope you’ll be inspired to explore drawing birds by the end of this class, and I’d love to see you in the class so we can explore drawing birds together! There are few things that have brought me such joy as observing and drawing birds, and I’d love to let you experience this, too!

Grab your sketchbook and enroll here:
How To Draw Birds (Click Here!)

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