How To Paint Butterflies

Recently, my drawing has focused a lot on insects and butterflies. A lot of them are they’re getting rarer these days, and I cherish the moments in which I can observe one up close. I’m excited to announce a new class today that focuses on drawing and painting butterflies.

In the class, you’re going to learn the basic techniques for drawing and painting butterflies in a realistic way. I will share my step by step process from pencil sketch to color.

We will take a look at:

  • butterfly anatomy and what makes these wonderful creatures special
  • how to sketch a butterfly and some drawing tricks
  • how to add color to your sketches (watercolor or pencil)
  • how to get details and markings right

This class is great for anyone who wants to learn to draw and paint these joyful creatures that can be observed in nature, and who wants to connect with nature through studying and drawing butterflies. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate students, and with the step by step process I show and a bit of practice, you’ll be sketching butterflies in no time. You will need basic drawing skills for the class, and a way to add color to your sketches.

I hope you’ll be inspired to explore drawing and painting butterflies by the end of this class.

Grab your sketchbook and enroll here!

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