So the new course will be perfect for all who want to build on their basic calligraphy or lettering skills. It’s going to be called „Creating harmonious layouts for your lettering“ – the term lettering here stands for all kinds of handwritten script, either calligraphy or brush lettering. This is the perfect intermediate class for students from my Calligraphy Essentials course, or anyone who has basic calligraphy training – you know how to construct the alphabet and write words, and now you want to do something with that.

I’m taking you on a journey to learn a few things about different layouts, what to look for when composing a piece, and we will actually create a finished piece during the course. As with the last course, this will be a guided course (with a more basic self-paced version available) and you’ll have access to me over several weeks.

I’m currently structuring the workbook for the course, which I find is a good companion to the video material (that I will shoot soon). I always like to have written material as the core of my courses, to make sure I present you the material in a structured and condensed way. Also, the workbook will give you the opportunity to reread certain passages, learn through a different medium and revisit later without having to go through all the videos again.

Here’s a tiny preview for what I’m working on at the moment, illustrating concepts for the course chapters, and sorting through some of my own work to use as examples on how to go through the process for creating a layout:

I hope you don’t mind my briefness in this post, I’m really hoping to make good progress with the course, so that I can shoot the video parts and edit soon, and then launch it this summer. I don’t have a definite date yet because of some of my other deadlines that may interfere (also my yet unplanned summer holidays..), but stay tuned. This is definitely happening!

I’m excited about the new course and hope you will be too! Knowing how to create great layouts is another important step on your calligraphy or lettering journey, and I’m looking forward to teach you those skills.

Leave me a comment if you want something in particular to be included in the course, or if you have questions, I’m happy to take requests!




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