You can see the finished piece on They Draw and Cook, which is a food illustration community for illustrators around the world.

This is one of 30 recipes by me that will be published in a book soon with the help of Salli Swindell (from TDAC). It has been a very exciting time and a great learning opportunity for me to do such a big illustration project, and I loved coming up with new recipe ideas and visual ideas every week (that’s what I have been doing more or less for half a year now).

See the process video here:

I usually do all my lettering by hand and then scan it to further manipulate the color and size in the computer. Most times, I do pencil drafts and then refine with ink – this is actually the way that most layouts will turn out well, because they’re thought through.

If you want to learn more about this lettering process (which can be applied to making lettering pieces, calligraphed cards, envelopes or writing quotes), then stay tuned for my upcoming online course on the same topic. It’s called “Creating Layouts” and it will come out very soon in August. I will announce everything here on the blog.

For the drawing part of my illustrations, I usually do black and white inkings and then add color and texture in the computer. Sometimes I like to start with color studies in watercolor and end up using them in the final piece. Usually I get the ingredients so that I can make observational drawings and understand how the objects actually are constructed. In the best possible scenario, I prepare the dish that I want to illustrate, if only this is the most fun way to get to know a recipe. :)

Do you enjoy these process videos? Want to see more? What would you like to see in a demonstration? Let me know!

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