The first video is all about exploring the mood and ductus of your lettering.

When you create a lettering piece, it’s important to get a feeling for the mood you want to express with your writing and match it to the way you construct your letters. You can do this by trying out different styles, or thinking about different emotions while you’re writing. The different ways you can hold a pen, guide it across the page, or lay down strokes (expressive or careful, quick or slow) is called ductus. Learn more about exploring your ductus in this video

The second video is about important layout factors to keep in mind.

When you’re creating a layout for your lettering, you need to think of a few factors before you start writing out your composition. In this video I share the most important layout factors, like different kinds of spacing, contrast, flourishes and ornaments. I’m showing the different layout factors straight out of the accompanying workbook, and we will use them for an actual piece later.

These are free lessons straight out of one of the modules in the Creating Layouts Course. The course covers the whole process of creating different words with calligraphy or brush lettering techniques, and how to combine them into an attractive composition. You’ll explore different variations for creating layouts, and learn how to turn the text you’ve chosen into a beautiful, well-written piece.

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