You’ll need black cardboard, a pencil, a ruler, an eraser, pen holder and nib (I used a Brause EF 66), as well as white ink (your own or store-bought), plus optionally a cutter and carbon paper.


Take your cardboard and cut it to the desired size, maybe so it fits into an envelope or a frame.
Write your text in pencil on a piece of paper if you feel you need to practice what you want to write.

You can draw pencil lines on the cardboard, or you can transfer your writing with carbon paper onto the black surface. (If you can get hold of it – carbon paper was used back in the day to duplicate texts on a typewriter)



You can carefully erase both types of lines after your piece has dried thoroughly(!).

It’s advisable to do a few warming up doodles before you start writing, especially when you include a lot of flourishes – those should flow from your arm and not your fingers. You can also turn the card around if that feels more comfortable.

Stir your white ink, and then: write your calligraphy. You can fix little irregularities with ink flow and distribution if you go back later and correct the spots.



I have decorated my card with a little bit of gold ink (from Ecoline). After letting everything dry, remember to erase the pencil/carbon lines.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and has inspired you to your own creations. Let me know what you write!


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