Script Styles & Services

What I offer

I offer modern calligraphy for private customers in different styles for different uses.

You’ll get completely handwritten originals – wedding vows, blessings, poems, love letters, envelopes – or calligraphy combined with graphic design – invitations, menus, labels, or tattoo templates.

You’re an agency or publisher and you want to commission calligraphy, hand lettering or graphic design from me? Please contact me directly.

Script Styles

You can choose between different script styles that I offer. Depending on the application and my interpretation a style can vary. Most styles can be modified with flourishes, swirls and ornaments. If you’ve seen a particular style in my portfolio that’s not included here, don’t hesitate to ask me if it fits and I can work it into your project.

Style No. 1




Style No. 2



Style No. 3



Style No. 4



Style No. 5



Style No. 6




Style No. 7


Colors and Paper

I write on different types of paper (thick cardstock in white, natural white, and colored or black paper) with inks in all kinds of colors (black, blue, dark blue, emerald green, green, dark red, red, pink, purple, sepia, walnut, and more), also in white, gold and silver. I can also mix the right kind of ink for your project.

You can see some of the available colors here:

Gold, silber, white and custom mixed colors will raise the fee by 20%.


My Process

You want to hire me to create a calligraphy for you or design your wedding invitation? I’ll explain what the process for a calligraphy project with me looks like.

1. First Contact & Project Details:

After you contact me we’ll discuss all the relevant details, so that I can learn everything about your project. We’ll address the following points:

  • The components of your project (wedding invitation, menu, table cards, vows, wall art, etc…)
  • The exact text that needs to be written, page layout
  • your paper, color and ink choice, paper dimensions, script style, optional extras like ornaments, flourishing, watercolor elements or illustrations
  • additional details, optional design or digitization services
  • the completion date
  • my fees
  • shipping fees (if applicable)
  • my standard contract for you to review

Based on the factors above I can send you an estimate for your project.

2. Signing the Contract & Compensation:

After you’ve reviewed the quote, please send all the content I’ll need to start designing (especially proof-read texts). Please agree in written form to my contract. Note that the full payment is due at that point to secure a spot in my schedule, for very complex projects at least 50%. Then the project will begin. Please note that this custom design fee is non-refundable and will vary by project, and that you should ask a good few weeks ahead of time because my schedule might be full otherwise.

3. Design Phase:

For every calligraphy piece that’s part of the project I’ll create a pencil sketched version containing the text and any embellishments and send it to you for review. You will have the opportunity to make two rounds of revisions bevor I proceed with inking, further revisions will be billed extra. If your project contains illustration elements or digitization, these will be incorporated after each element of the calligraphy has been approved, you’ll then get another round of electronic proofs for you to review.

4. Shipping:

When the calligraphy is inked and finished (or digitized), I’ll send the original to you or I’ll send a digital file via email that’s ready to print.

Please ask ahead of time! Each project is unique and takes time to finish. Rush orders are possible, the costs depend on your project and my schedule. Please consider shipping time – international shipping (from Germany) might take a few weeks depending on your location.

Contact me for a quote.