Resources for calligraphy & lettering

(painting/illustration resources coming soon!!)

Here you can find all the practice resources, worksheets and guidesheets I mention in my blog in one place. I’ve also included a list of my favourite tools, as well as a link to the always useful blog archives!


non-slanted guidesheet

slanted guidesheet


basic vocabulary PDF

basic letterforms worksheet

pointed pen basic strokes worksheet

brush pen basic strokes worksheet

brush pen alphabet worksheet style no. 1

flourish practice sheet

You can also get 4 free worksheets with 4 different script styles when you sign up to my free course Calligraphy Basicssign up here:
Enroll in Calligraphy Basics *free course*


For those who want to go more in-depth, I have created premium workbooks for these styles with more detailed instructions. These 20-page calligraphy workbooks are a resource for calligraphy beginners who want to improve their skills quickly with a structured approach. You’ll get more guidance than in the free worksheets. Learn more about the worksheets here:



HB & 2B pencil
mechanical pencil
oblique pen holder

For calligraphy tools I can recommend John Neal Bookseller (US).

Brause EF66
Hunt Imperial
Brause Steno
Nikko G
Hiro Leonardt Drawing nib 6H (non-flexible)

inks & paints:
Stenograph Drawing Ink
Schmincke & White Nights watercolors
Schmincke & Talens Gouache paint
P.H. Martins Bleedproof White
P.H. Martins Copperplate Gold

Staedtler pigment liner
Tombow ABT brush pen
Tombow Fudenosuke
Pentel Color Brush

helpful tools:
transparent ruler
artist tape/washi tape
eraser pen

paper for practice:
Hahnemühle layout pad (75 gsm) or Canson XL layout marker pad (70 gsm)
Hahnemühle Diamant Highly Transparent Drawing Paper (90 gsm)
Mondi Bio Top 3 (80 gsm)
HP Bright White Inkjet (90 gsm)
HP premium choice laser paper/premium colour laser (architecture on the cover, 90 gsm)

paper for finished artwork:
Hahnemühle watercolor paper (Cornwall 450 gsm)
Lana Bristol Board (250 gsm)
Hahnemühle Nostalgie (190 gsm)
Hahnemühle Cezanne (300 gsm)
Hahnemühle Leonardo (600 gsm)

Find out which online stores (US & Europe-based) I buy from here.
John Neal Bookseller is one of the sellers that I can recommend, they also have put together a calligraphy starter kit with tools I frequently use here.


Be sure to check out the Blog Archives if you’re looking for a specific article:


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