Paint a decorated bird in watercolor and gouache – New class on folk art illustration!

I’m happy to announce my latest Skillshare class Folk Art Illustration: Paint a decorated bird in watercolor & gouache! We’re going to paint some lovely decorated birds together, so this class is perfect for getting into the spring/summer vibes.

In the class, I’m going to show you how to paint birds in a decorative folk art style. We’re going to look at two different techniques and paint colorful birds first in watercolor and then in gouache. You’ll only need a few watercolors and optionally a few gouache paints.

As always, I show a few examples of my own, then talk you through my process. If you’re new to painting with watercolor and gouache, this class is great for you!
Well take a look at how to:

  • work with the two different mediums
  • work in layers
  • blend your paints together
  • mix watercolors with gouache paints
  • add highlights with white paint.

I’ll be showing two different exercises to follow along and in the end you’ll have a lovely decorated bird in your hands. I love birds as a subject matter – they’re fairly easy to draw and paint, and they are so colorful and cheerful!

I hope you’ll join me in this class about painting birds in watercolor and gouache.

Go here to sign up to Skillshare and join the class! (If you’re new to Skillshare, you can join and get two months for free, which is a great offer, as there are thousands of creative classes, including mine!)

Folk Art Illustration: Paint a decorated bird in watercolor & gouache

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