The course will cover:

In this course, we will look at the whole process of creating different words with calligraphy or brush lettering techniques, and how to combine them into an attractive composition. You’ll explore different variations for creating layouts, and learn how to turn the text you’ve chosen into a beautiful, well-written piece.

In the course, we will cover:

  • How to choose a style for your text
  • How to position your elements and create a layout
  • Sketching different layouts with thumbnails
  • Refining your drafts with pencil and ink
  • Planning and writing the finished piece
  • Bonus material: Layouts for invitations & menus
  • Bonus material: writing in round or wavy shapes

At the end of this class, you will have learned how to put together a text composition in different styles and layouts. You will be able to create finalized lettering pieces for either your wall, your portfolio, or to create cards or envelopes.

This course is for students who have already had some kind of basic training in calligraphy or lettering (my course Calligraphy Essentials is not a prerequisite, but does cover all the basics you need).

You’ll need basic knowledge of writing in at least one calligraphic style that’s based on pointed pen principles – brush calligraphy will also work very nicely. I’ll leave it to you which technique(s) you’ll bring to the course. Learning how to create harmonious layouts will work with any of them. I‘m looking forward to seeing you in the course!

This will be a 4-week-course with video and text lessons. As always, there will be a basic and a complete package: if you sign up for the complete package I will be available to review your work for the duration of 4 weeks, so you will have the opportunity to get encouraging and constructive feedback by me to improve your work. You can send me your drafts and finished pieces directly and also share them in the private online community.

Signup will open on August 2nd and close on August 16th! Places for the complete package are limited to ensure every student gets enough of my time for reviews. (The course material will of course be available to watch and study after that!)

The basic package without feedback will be available all the time.

Pricing and packages

The regular course price will be $79 for the complete package (with feedback) and $49 for the basic package (no feedback). Learn more about the specific packages here.

Now for the exciting part: If you sign up before August 9th, you’ll also get 20% off from both packages – the discount is already applied to the price. That’s $63.20 for the complete package and $39.20 for the basic package.

Since I’ll take time for every student that signs up for the complete package, the places for the complete package are limited. So make sure to get your seat soon.

Click here to Enroll now!

Hope to see you in the course!



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