I created this course so you can build a solid foundation for your calligraphy skills through learning the essential concepts for constructing letterforms. Learning the fundamentals for writing pointed-pen calligraphy is the core of this course. You will be exploring these basic principles first, then learning how to add variations and explore your own style, and you will compose your own alphabet in the end. In six weeks, you’ll have gone from absolute beginner to a beautiful modern calligraphy style.


What you will get:

  • learn how to write a beautiful modern script style that you can use for cards, wedding invitations, or your design projects.
  • learn how to develop your own calligraphy style
  • guidance and feedback from me along the way (optional)
  • video lessons in 6 modules and 24 lessons with practice exercises and assignments you can send in
  • a 45-page workbook

You will have indefinite access to all the lessons and worksheets, so you can come back to the course any time.

Get a guide along the way

In this course you will not only get lessons and worksheets to work through at your own pace, but you will have the opportunity to get personal feedback by me and have a very gentle learning curve. I want to ensure that you’re getting the guidance and feedback you’ll need right from the beginning to master the basic skills of modern calligraphy.

I share my approach to modern calligraphy and give you the techniques to understand the principles you need to develop your very own calligraphy style.

Each lesson is building on the previous, and you will get specific assignments to hone your skills. My feedback will ensure you’ll make progress in the right direction.

I created this course so that you can learn how to practice deliberately, so that you don’t have to guess which direction to go. You will get better results faster this way. You’ll get fundamental knowledge about the art of calligraphy, and the skills to create beautiful artwork and find a calming spot in your life at the same time.

Many students that have taken the course in the past have said they found the feedback most helpful and time-saving.

Who this course is for

This is the perfect course for beginners who want to learn modern calligraphy with the pointed pen. You will get video lessons, a comprehensive workbook and assignments, as well as the opportunity to get personal feedback by me over the span of six weeks. This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to write beautifully with fast results, and develop their own calligraphy style.

You don’t need any experience with calligraphy whatsoever to take this course, just a few basic tools to start. If you already are familiar with a few calligraphic principles, you’re more than welcome to join!

The course is also suitable for graphic designers or illustrators who want to expand their toolset.

How the course will work

  • This is a self-paced course with 24 video lessons in 6 modules with in-depth instructions on the fundamental techniques needed to learn pointed-pen calligraphy
  • There are two different packages for the course: either completely self-directed (Basic package) or with 6 weeks of personal feedback from me (Complete package)
  • You’ll get PDF worksheets for each lesson available and assignments, plus a detailed workbook to accompany the videos.
  • Videos and worksheets will still be accessible after the feedback phase is over.

You will get access to my knowledge around calligraphy – I have been working as a creative professional focused on letters (calligraphy, lettering and type design) for over eight years now.

I reserve time for every student to give feedback about their progress – there will be assignments you can send in, and that I will review. Personal feedback is only included in the complete package.

You’ll get all the worksheets and resources to print out, and you’ll also have the possibility to get the accompanying workbook containing all text lessons & worksheets that you can simply print out and follow along with the videos. The workbook is great because you have everything you need in one place and all the worksheets and texts in the order the course will progress. Just print it out at the beginning and you’re ready to go. It’s essentially the course in text-form, so you can practice with the workbook even without the videos. The workbook is already included in the complete package, and you can upgrade the basic package to include the workbook.

Work at your own pace

The course is designed so you can easily complete it in 4–6 weeks, you’ll have plenty of time to complete the assignments.

You will still have access to the video lessons and the worksheets after that, so you can re-watch them as you like or take the course at your own pace. The personal feedback is limited to the first six weeks after you sign up.

With 15–30 minutes of practice each day or every other day (2–4 hours per week) you’ll be able to make considerable progress.

What’s inside

  1. Introduction to basic terms and tools, how to setup your workspace (8 lessons)
  2. Learning basic strokes, warm-up drills, and construct lower case letters (4 lessons)
  3. Construction of capital letters and alphabet practice (3 lessons)
  4. Forming words and flourish exercises (5 lessons)
  5. Adding variety to your script and composing your own alphabet (3 lessons)
  6. Final thoughts (1 lesson)

In the video lessons I’ll cover topics such as the basic principles of the pointed pen, tool recommendations, workspace setup, how you can establish an effective practice routine and deal with perfectionism. I’ll demonstrate how to write each letter of the alphabet, lower and upper case, in a modern style.
With the help of the accompanying workbook, you’ll be able to follow along and practice your strokes, letters and style variations. At the end, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to develop your own style, and you will compose your own alphabet.

Pricing and packages

The course will be $99 for the complete package (with feedback) and $39 for the basic package (with worksheets only, no feedback). The basic package is also available with the workbook.

Also, since I’ll take time for every student that signs up for the complete package, the places are limited. So make sure to get your seat soon!


Hope to see you soon in the course!



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