In the class, I’m going to show you how to paint a floral arrangement with gouache.

Gouache paint is very similar to watercolor, but more opaque, easy to handle, and it has a lovely texture. Regular readers know that I’ve been a huge fan of gouache lately, so it was only logical to make a course about it!

If you like watercolors, give gouache a try, it’s a wonderful medium to work in!

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What’s inside:

I’ll show you the basics you need to know for painting with gouache, how to choose a great color palette, how to draw and paint different kinds of flowers, and different ways to arrange your florals in a design. At the end, you’ll create your project with your own flower arrangement.

You’ll need a few small brushes, decent paper and a few gouache paints (in tubes) for this class. If you have experience with watercolor, that’s great, but it’s not needed. Anyone who loves to paint or experiment is welcome in this beginner’s level class.

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I hope I will see you on Skillshare in the class! Join here: Floral illustration with Gouache



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