Episode Takeaways:

  • First off, you should have enough room around yourself to move your arms and hands freely
  • Then you position your paper on the surface. In fact, you’ll be starting with positioning your arm. You lay down your arm in a natural writing position tat feels comfortable, and then you adjust the paper so that it’s parallel to your arm.
  • You can change the slant of the calligraphy by changing this angle, so have the type of script in mind that you want to write.
  • The tip of the pen will show you at which angle you’re writing, make sure you hold it in such a way that both tines get even pressure.
  • When working with an oblique holder, the same principle applies, you just position it first and then adjust the paper to the angle that you want to write in.
  • If you’re using a slanted guide sheet, the slanted lines should point toward your heart or your middle, that way you can make sure the angle is right.


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