In this three-part video series you can see me demonstrate the basic principles I talk about in the blog post. After watching this series, you know everything you need to get started with the pointed pen. Don’t know what a pointed pen is and why you need it for calligraphy? Just watch the video:

Basic tools

Here you can learn all about the necessary tools of the trade:

Basic strokes

Learn about the basic strokes you need to practice:

Lower case alphabet

Learn how to construct a lower case alphabet from the basic strokes:

Hope you find it helpful to see what I always write about in a video!

I’m also happy to announce that the Calligraphy Essentials course will be back soon! A lot of you have been asking when I open up enrollment again because they want to get the guidance and feedback that I offer in the complete course package. I’ll be opening the sign-up next week!

Calligraphy Essentials is a online course for beginners who want to learn calligraphic principles, learn how to write a script alphabet and develop their own style. Complete beginners are welcome and encouraged to join!
The complete course will run over six weeks, and there are assignments that I will review so that you get direct feedback and guidance.

If you want to learn more about the course, click here: Learn modern calligraphy now with Calligraphy Essentials. You can also sign-up for the waiting list to be informed when the course launches.



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