This is the right course for you if you

  • want a quick and easy start with pointed pen calligraphy
  • want to start practicing but don’t know how

I created this free course so you can focus on the basic techniques and information connected with calligraphy practice. Maybe you’re just starting out with calligraphy or you have been practicing for a while – I know how overwhelming all the tips can be, especially if you search around the internet. I’ve thought about what I consider essential for calligraphic practice and what I’ve learned from questions from my audience.

This is the perfect course for all calligraphy newbies and beginners who need a bit of guidance to get started with the art of beautiful writing!

You’ll get:

  • an overview of the tools & techniques
  • free practice sheets & 4 different alphabets to learn
  • action steps to perfect your skills
  • encouragement throughout the course
  • a place to connect with like-minded people

Preview for the styles included in the course:

The course is short and structured around practicing. For those who want more: it also features a lot of links to free resources and videos from my blog. I know the existing blog archive can be a bit intimidating because there’s so much information in it by now, so the course is a great way to work through all of it in a structured way. And all of it absolutely free.

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The free online course includes everything for getting started with calligraphy:

* Basic tools & practice techniques
* Action steps to perfect your calligraphy skills
* Tips on how to find the right mindset for successful practice
* free worksheets and exercises

It’s the perfect course for newbies and everyone interested in calligraphy! Plus, it’s absolutely free! Simply sign up below to enroll:

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