I hope you enjoy this departure from strictly educational posts about calligraphy all the time, to more personal insights and a bit of „behind the scenes“ about what I’m doing. This is a decision I have thought about for quite some time, since it will potentially make my blog a little bit less focused – I do a few different art-related things besides calligraphy, like illustration and lettering. I’d really love to share more about that and see the full scope of my work reflected in my blog. I still hope you’ll find some value in the different things I’ll share, and that I can include enough tips and technique demonstrations into my more personal posts to keep you interested.

I made this decision because I realized I need more time to make actual artwork, and the time I used to write the blog posts was taking away a lot of this time. I hope this way I can combine both a little bit better. I also realized that I want to share more of my process and give insights into what I do.

Another factor is that after 1,5 years of writing educational blog posts about modern calligraphy, a lot of ground has been covered and I don’t want to start repeating myself, and since there are only so many basic topics you can write about this was becoming harder with each post. I’m – still – always open to new topics and ideas from you, so if you feel like something is missing or there’s a topic you’d like to read about, please let me know.

That said, all the educational content about calligraphy will stay where it is (all the tutorials, how-to’s and posts I’ve written for the last 1,5 years), ready to be read in the archives. And I’m also planning on making new resources and online courses about calligraphy and lettering this year, for teaching calligraphy is something I absolutely enjoy.

I want to start with a video demo of some lettering and calligraphy I did for an illustration of a recipe (yummy hot chocolate with cinnamon – you can see the finished piece here). I show some pointed pen calligraphy for the directions (written with a Brause 361/Steno), and explore different versions of the title with a brush pen (Pentel color brush). I plan to do more videos like this where I show my process for sketching and finishing lettering and illustration pieces – which often have calligraphic elements. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of content.

Wishing you a happy new year!



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