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Frequently Asked Questions (for fonts)

How may I use your fonts?
You can use all my fonts for personal and commercial work, for your own creations and also for paid projects.
Please remember, though, that if one of your clients wants the font file, he’ll have to purchase his own license. Giving your copy shop the font temporarily for a print job is fine, as long as they delete it afterwards.

Can I use your fonts to create a logo?
Of course. You can also use it to create packaging design, CD artwork, printed materials, T-shirts, movie captions, etc., as long as the image is a fixed size (no vector shapes).
Hint: I’m always incredibly curious how people will use my fonts, and for me this is often difficult to track, so I’d love to see your finished design! Just drop me a line at

I design items for digital download (such as invitations, greeting cards, templates) and resale. May I use your fonts for my designs?
Yes. Fonts have to be provided as a fixed-size image (jpg, tiff, png) and not as vectors or as a font file.

I design items (rubber stamps, stickers, coffee cups) for resale and I’d like to use your fonts to design words or letterforms. May I use your fonts for my designs?
Yes, but it depends on what you do: if your products consist of words or phrases (like a rubber stamp that has the words “Thank You” or a sticker that says “Great!”), you’re good to go, but if the product uses single letterforms or illustrations where the letterform/illustration becomes the primary aspect of that product, then you’ll need an extended license. Contact me for details.

May I use your fonts in a website, eBook or App?
Yes, if the font is used as a fixed-sized image, such as a logo.
If you want to use it as a webfont or for text in an ebook, in software, games or in a mobile application, you’ll need to purchase a webfont/ebook license from one of my distributors (Fontspring, Myfonts and YouWorkForThem all have webfont/ebook/mobile licenses available). They’ll also tend to the technical side of things.

Which license do I need? What’s the difference between standard, multi-user and extended?
There’s the standard single-user license, which is the basic license you’ll get when purchasing one of my fonts. It covers one person (with up to five workstations, such as a laptop, desktop computer) connected to one output device (such as a printer).
A multi-user license covers more than one person and/or for more than five workstations. There’s the possibility to get a discount when purchasing one of my fonts for multiple users.
If you want to implement the font into your website, ebook, software or app, you’ll need an extended license. Contact me or one of my distributors for details.

May I modify your fonts?
Yes, if you decide to change the vector outlines for your logo or design you may do so, but you’re not allowed to alter the font file itself and sell the result as a new font.

How do I access alternates, swashes and other open type features?
My fonts usually come equipped with a lot of contextual alternates, ligature pairings, random effects and ornaments. These features need open type-aware software to get the most out of the font.
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop have basic access to some OT features, whereas you have a almost full palette of OT options in Adobe InDesign. I strongly advise you to make yourself familiar with this topic if you want to use my fonts as I intended them – as handmade-looking, playful typefaces with a lot of extras. They’ll work of course without any of those features, but they look so much better with these turned on, and you’ll have way more options when creating your design. All of the above programs do feature a glyph palette where you can access every single character in the font by hand if needed.
If you don’t use Adobe software and want to access the alternates/ornaments, there’s the possibility to use your operating systems’ utility Character Map/Character Viewer or to use software that makes this possible.
Read this post to get more information about how you can access OT features in different applications.

Is ordering on your website secure?

Yes, it absolutely is. All my orders are processed through Gumroad, which is a third party service that will facilitate your checkout (as well as my bookkeeping), and they ensure very high security standards.
How do I get my fonts after ordering and how do I install the fonts?
You’ll get an email receipt confirming your order shortly after purchasing and a link where you can download the font file.
Save the file you purchased to your computer and double click on the zip file. Double click again on the font file (most times this is an .otf) and you should get an option to install the font to your system. On some operating systems you’ll have to drag the font file into your font folder manually.

For more detailed information on any of this please read my EULA or contact me at