Drawing with dip nibs, watercolor sketches and inks for calligraphy – new Youtube videos

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With all the course preparation of the last weeks (my Calligraphy Essentials course starts today and there’s still time to join if you want!!) I haven’t found time to post to the blog, but I did make new tutorial and demo videos for Youtube. Hop over and check them out, it’s a mix of calligraphy, drawing and painting videos.

Drawing pomegranates with ink + watercolor tutorial:

In this video I show how to:

  • draw pomegranates with a dip nib and ink
  • add some color with watercolor
  • I give tips throughout the video

Drawing pomegranates with ink + watercolor tutorial

Drawing pomegranates with ink + watercolor | Tutorial, Watercolor, Process video, Food Illustration

Drawing physalis with pen and ink & watercolor

A little demo of my drawing and painting process. I draw physalis fruits with a flexible nib, painting color highlights with watercolor. This is how I usually work in my sketchbook every day.

Drawing physalis with pen and ink & watercolor

Drawing physalis with pen and ink & watercolor || Sketchbook, Illustration, Process

The right inks for calligraphy

For all you calligraphy lovers out there! I’m showing different kinds of ink you can use for calligraphy – I talk about the differences between water and pigment-based inks, give tips for starters, and show how to use watercolor/gouache as ink.

The right inks for calligraphy

Hope you enjoy these videos, please tell me in the comments if you do! All in all it’s great fun to make videos like this and I really enjoy getting back into filming them. If you want to see something specific, let me know, I’m willing to share my process and explain how I use my tools.


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