Creating harmonious layouts for your lettering

Design beautiful layouts that work for your calligraphy or lettering pieces

In this course, we will cover the whole process of creating different words with calligraphy or brush lettering techniques, and combining them into an attractive composition. We’ll explore different variations for creating layouts, and learn how to turn the text you’ve chosen into a beautiful, well-written piece.

In the course, we will cover:

  • How to choose a style for your text
  • How to position your elements and create a layout
  • Sketching different layouts with thumbnails
  • Refining your drafts with pencil and ink
  • Planning and writing the finished piece
  • Bonus material: Layouts for invitations, envelopes & menus
  • Bonus material: writing in round or wavy shapes

At the end of this class, you will have learned how to put together a text composition in different styles and layouts. You will be able to create finalized lettering pieces for either your wall, your portfolio, or to create cards or envelopes.

This course is for students who have already had some kind of basic training in calligraphy or lettering (my course Calligraphy Essentials is not a prerequisite, but does cover all the basics you need).

You’ll need basic knowledge of writing in at least one calligraphic style that’s based on pointed pen principles – brush calligraphy will also work very nicely. I’ll leave it to you which technique(s) you’ll bring to the course. Learning how to create harmonious layouts will work with any of them. I‘m looking forward to seeing you in the course!

This will be a 4-week-course with video and text lessons. As always, there will be a basic and a complete package: if you sign up for the complete package I will be available to review your work for the whole time, so you will have the opportunity to get encouraging feedback by me to improve your work. You can send me your drafts and finished pieces directly and also share them in the private online community.

  • This is a course with 20 video lessons in 6 modules – over 3 hours of video content and a PDF workbook are included.
  • There are two different packages for the course: either completely self-directed (Basic package) or with 4 weeks of personal feedback from me for all the drafts and final artworks you submit (Complete package).
  • There’s a detailed 37-page workbook to accompany the videos. (Included in the complete package. The workbook is also included in the basic package – it’s great because you have everything you need in one place and all the worksheets and texts in the order the course will progress. It’s essentially the course in text-form, so you can practice with the workbook even without the videos).

What are these packages you mention? Which package should I choose?

There are two different packages that you can choose from, the basic and complete package. You’ll get personal feedback in the complete package.

  • The basic package will have all the video and text lessons you can go through at your own pace, plus the full workbook. I’m not offering feedback for that package, so if you prefer learning alone, this is for you.
  • The complete package will have all the video and text, plus personal feedback from me on your drafts and final pieces. This package is what you should get if you want to get everything out of this course and get every possible feedback that you can get.

What about the feedback? Will this be private or public?

I will offer 4 weeks of feedback for each student in the complete package. Feedback will be private and one on one. You can also share your work with the group (in the privae community) if you like. The basic package doesn’t offer any feedback.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

I offer access to the video and text materials for as long as I sell the course, but at least for one year after your purchase.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If you feel like the course hasn’t given you the value you were looking for, please contact me and I will see if I can solve your problem – my aim is to have satisfied students. Of course you can also get a refund if you request it – up to 30 days from purchase.

1.1 Welcome
1.2 Materials you will need

Basic elements for a composition
2.1 Choosing a text
2.2 Exploring moods and ductus (watch video)
2.3 Choosing a style
2.4 Understanding the elements of
composition – structuring words
2.5 Structuring the page – different layouts
2.6 Other important layout factors (watch video)

Creating your layout and writing drafts
3.1 Creating thumbnails
3.2 First drafts and refining (seperate lessons for pointed pen & brush pen)
3.3 Refine and revise the final piece with ink (seperate lessons for pointed pen & brush pen)

Writing the finished piece
4.1 Preparing and inking the finished piece (seperate lessons for pointed pen & brush pen)
4.2 Fixing errors

Bonus lessons
5.1 Common layouts for invitations, menus & envelopes
5.2 Writing in an angle, round or wave shapes
5.3 Writing big pieces

Final thoughts
6 Final thoughts


All the videos and the full workbook
  • The Basic package has:

  • All the videos
  • The full workbook ($30 value)
  • Access to a private online community

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