Calligraphy Essentials


Learn the essentials of modern calligraphy and develop your own style

Build a solid foundation for your calligraphy skills with the essential concepts for constructing letterforms.

Learn how to add variations and your own style, and compose your own alphabet in the end.

Discover your own creativity through the art of beautiful writing with a hands-on, easy approach.

Who is this course for?

This course is for beginners with no or little calligraphy experience who are looking for a structured approach to pointed pen calligraphy basics, and who want to develop their own style.

What’s inside:

  • Step-by-step instructions to the basic principles of pointed pen calligraphy
  • Detailed excercises and a printable workbook/worksheets to practice and apply what you’ve learned
  • Over 2 hours of high-quality video with demonstrations on how to form each letter, plus lots of practice and workspace tips
  • A private student community to connect and share your work.
  • Assignments with detailed feedback by me so that you can make progress faster (optional)

What the course will cover:

I’ll cover topics such as the basic principles of the pointed pen, tool recommendations, workspace setup, how you can establish an effective practice routine and deal with perfectionism. I’ll demonstrate how to write each letter of the alphabet, lower and upper case, in a modern style. At the end, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to develop your own style, and you will compose your own calligraphy alphabet.

  • The course is designed so you can easily complete it in 4-6 weeks, you’ll have plenty of time to complete the assignments.
  • You will still have access to the text and video resources after that, so you can complete or revisit the course at your own pace. The personal feedback is limited to the first six weeks after you sign up.
  • With 15-30 minutes of practice each day or every other day (2-4 hours per week) you’ll be able to make considerable progress.

Watch a free preview lesson from the course

What are these packages you mention? Which package should I choose?

There are two different packages that you can choose from, the basic and complete package. You’ll get personal feedback in the complete package.

  • The complete package will have all the video and text, several assignments you will get detailed feedback on, plus the full 45-page workbook. You’ll get the guidance and feedback you need right from the beginning to master the basic skills of modern calligraphy. My feedback will ensure you’ll make progress in the right direction, and get faster results. This package is what you should get if you want to learn fast, and to get everything out of this course and get every possible feedback that you can get.
  • The basic package has all the video and text lessons you can go through at your own pace, plus the worksheets. You can also choose to include the workbook in the basic package – it’s great because you have everything you need in one place and all the worksheets and texts in the order the course will progress. It’s essentially the course in text-form. I’m not offering feedback for that package, so if you prefer learning alone, this is for you.

What about the feedback? Will this be private or public?

You can share your work with the group if you like, or if you prefer you’ll get one-on-one feedback.

What materials do I have to get before I start the course?

If you choose the complete package, I recommend that you get your supplies prior to the sign-up, because once the course begins you will have 5 weeks to complete the assignments. This does not apply to the basic package, you’ll have all the time you want for completing that without any deadlines.

You will need the following basic supplies for the course:

  • a pen holder, straight or oblique (I use an oblique holder for my demonstrations, but it’s not a requirement)
  • nibs: 2x Nikko G, and 2x another nib (Zebra G, Brause Steno, Hunt Imperial)
  • a bottle of India or Sumi ink (Kuretake Sumi Ink is great)
  • a pad of layout paper (this is very smooth and doesn’t make ink bleed)
  • a water jar, soft cloth, removable tape, pencil, eraser

Please note that you will get the best results when you actually use the supplies I recommend. Usually the right paper is crucial to getting the desired results (and experiencing less frustration!) in the beginning. You can refer to this supply list or read more on the topic of materials here.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

I offer access to the video and text materials for as long as I sell the course, but at least for one year after your purchase.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If you feel like the course hasn’t given you the value you were looking for, please contact me and I will see if I can solve your problem – my aim is to have satisfied students. Of course you can also get a refund if you request it – up to 30 days from purchase.

Course outline

Introduction to basic terms and tools, how to setup your workspace (8 lessons)
1.1 Welcome
1.2 A bit of calligraphy history
1.3 Helpful typographic terms
1.4 Nibs
1.5 Pen holder
1.6 Ink
1.7 Paper
1.8 Your workspace

Learning basic strokes, warm-up drills, and construct lower case letters (4 lessons)
2.1 Getting to know the nib
2.2 Basic strokes & warm up drills
2.3 Troubleshooting
2.4 Lower case

Construction of capital letters and alphabet practice (3 lessons)
3.1 Capitals
3.2 Numbers
3.3 Consistency & alphabet practice

Forming words and flourish exercises (5 lessons)
4.1 Forming words
4.2 Flourishes
4.3 The right mindset for practice
4.4 Finding time for practice
4.5 Deliberate practice

Adding variety to your script and composing your own alphabet (3 lessons)
5.1 Adding variety to your writing
5.2 Developing your own style
5.3 Composing an alphabet

Final thoughts (1 lesson)
Final thoughts

I completed Julia’s First Calligraphy Essentials course late 2016. As a graphic designer I have a borderline obsessive relationship with beautiful letters and was keen to get away from the computer and create something more organic…get some ink on my fingers!I had followed Julia’s blog and signed up straightway when she announced the course. What I really liked is the emphasis on a solid foundation, learning the fundamentals of calligraphy and taking the time to learn the basic strokes and techniques in order to develop your skills and own style of writing.

Julia has a really calm and clear tuition style and her feedback via the forum is always encouraging and instructive.

I’d certainly recommend this course for anyone who has wanted to learn modern calligraphy. You’ll get everything you need to get started on your lettering journey, but I warn you it’s addictive, in the very best way!

I have seen great improvement in my calligraphy over these short few weeks. Your detailed analysis pinpointed the areas which I need to pay attention. Again, I so appreciate your organized and well presented instruction, worksheets, and feedback. I am hopeful you will continue with online coursework and informative videos. Thank you!

I’m an absolute beginner of all beginners so I found calligraphy rather intimidating at first.However once I started & gradually became familiar with the nibs, paper, etc. I (very slowly I must say) started to see improvement in my progress. The resources are tremendous, workbook & videos etc. very well put together & so easy to understand! I plan to go through them again for a refresh.

I highly recommend ‘Calligraphy Essentials’! – the full course which includes the feedback…I found it incredibly vital and valuable as a beginner to have the positive correction & encouragement!

I’d also like to mention I’m nearly 67 years old with no artistic/creative experience…so…I’d like to say you’re never too old to start something new! If the desire is there just take the plunge!


All the videos, all the worksheets
  • The Basic package has:

  • All the videos
  • The worksheets
  • The option to purchase the workbook ($20 value)

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