Episode Takeaways:

There are different possibilities that can make ink bleed on paper:

  • It could be a problem with the paper. Don’t use usual printer paper, it’s to rough to hold the ink. There are decent printer papers, watch out for descriptions like „high quality laser color paper“ or „inkjet high quality“.
  • A good choice are layout papers, they’re made for markers and other pens that hold a lot of ink, and they work like a charm for calligraphy.
  • For finished work you should use something sturdy like Bristol board. Some kinds of watercolor paper work, too, usually the kind that says „hot pressed“. The cold pressed paper will likely cause the ink to bleed.
  • Another thing you can do: change your ink or mix your own paint, or thicken your ink with gum arabic
  • Mixed paint like gouache or acrylic works on most surfaces, and it doesn’t bleed even on the cheapest paper.

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