One of the things I had in mind when designing my latest script font, Luba Luft, was to keep the energy and the dynamic from my previous design (the Saul Bass-themed font Bassanova) and transforming it into a script font. Plus, I wanted to go back to drawing letters, big-scale, after a project which was inspired by someone else’s design style. So I was happy to take a bunch of sketching paper, a felt tip pen and start doodling.


Soon I noticed I was into loopy, curvy letters that flow into each other, kind of like my normal writing style when I try to relax and don’t think about how the letters will fit on the page.


I liked this very casual and free-flowing style and transformed it bit by bit into a semi-connected script, of course with room for lots of alternates, swashes and ligatures. With over 150 swashes this has morphed into the most curvy and loopy font I have designed so far…

After a while, a name came to my mind – Luba Luft, which is the name of a singer in a Philip K. Dick novel, plus “Luft” is the German word for air. I think the name fits perfectly for this spring companion, who brings warm airy vibes and the bright lights that flow everywhere to your designs.

Get it here.

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