Here you can find the different resources I offer for learning modern calligraphy:

Alphabet Workbooks

For those who want to go more in-depth, I have created premium workbooks for these styles with more detailed instructions. These calligraphy alphabet workbooks are a resource for calligraphy beginners who want to improve their skills quickly with a structured approach.
Each workbook contains: an introduction to the basic tools and techniques, practice worksheets featuring warm-up strokes, complete lower and upper case alphabets with numbers and symbols for one particular style, a resources guide and tips on how to practice, plus guidesheets. All of this comes in a handy 20-page PDF workbook ready for you to print out.

Online Courses


The Calligraphy Essentials Course is the perfect course for beginners who want a fundamental, guided introduction to modern pointed pen calligraphy. You will get video lessons, a comprehensive workbook and assignments, as well as the opportunity to get personal feedback by me over the span of six weeks. This is for everyone who wants to learn who to write beautifully with fast results.

basic package: all videos, self-paced, no feedback, with 40-page workbook: $59
(videos & worksheets only $39)

complete package: all videos, 40-page workbook, six weeks of one-on-one feedback: $99