Hi, I’m Julia Bausenhardt, lettering artist and calligrapher.

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Recent Blog Posts

How to make your own pomegranate ink

After making walnut ink last year I wanted to do something different - mainly because I still have several liters of walnut ink…so I started researching on how to make iron gall ink. Turns out you’ll need oak galls, which I couldn’t find in nature around here. I’m not...

How and when to use a lightbox

When creating a calligraphy or a lettering piece, I frequently use a lightbox. It’s quite the handy tool when you can use it. Today I’m going to explain how and when I use my lightbox. For a lot of calligraphers and lettering artists using a lightbox is part of their...

New resources section in the blog

Today will be a post about the blog itself: There will be a new section for all the resources I offer to you on the blog - PDF worksheets, guidesheets, a list of my favourite tools, and a link to the blog archive. With the blog growing and things getting more and more...

7 Places to Find Inspiration (that are not the Internet)

Today I want to share 7 places to find inspiration for your creative pursuits. It can be a bit difficult to think of things or places that inspire you when you’re lost in daily life, but often it’s the little experiences, places or escapes that can fuel you again and...

Brush Pen Lettering – Alphabet Worksheet Style No. 1

Continuing from last week’s basic intro on how to write with the Tombow brush pen, today I have a free resource for you: the alphabet worksheet for my free style no. 1 - one of my most popular pointed pen calligraphy worksheets adapted to work with a big brush pen....

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