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Recent Blog Posts

The secret behind lettering pieces that work

Have you ever wondered why some lettering or calligraphy pieces look great, and others don’t? Here’s why. So maybe you’ve been practicing your lettering for quite a while and feel pretty content with your style that’s emerging. Yet, when you try to assemble your words...

Two free videos from the Creatiing Layouts course

To show you a glimpse of what's inside the course, here are two free lessons from the Creating Layouts course. The first video is all about exploring the mood and ductus of your lettering. When you create a lettering piece, it's important to get a feeling for the mood...

Video demo: Pointed pen calligraphy for a food illustration

Today I share another process video of some pointed pen calligraphy for a recipe illustration. You can see the finished piece on They Draw and Cook, which is a food illustration community for illustrators around the world. This is one of 30 recipes by me that will be...

The right amount of pressure on the nib

The question of applying pressure on calligraphy nibs comes up a lot, especially beginners have a hard time figuring this out. Don't worry, you can't break the nib until you really, really try. And you should actually press down a bit to make these thick-thin...

Book review: Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber-Thorpe

This popular book is the starting point for a lot of modern calligraphy enthusiasts. It provides a wealth of inspiration for letterforms and projects to try out. Yet I would only recommend it to students who already had some kind of basic calligraphy training. Read on...

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