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Recent Blog Posts

Video demo: Orange juice food illustration & lettering

When I create illustrations I frequently mix different lettering techniques and tools. Today I have another process video for you demonstrating how I do the draft and inking for a food illustration. In this piece I combined thin elegant script lettering with loose...

A look at the basic strokes

Today I want to take a look at all the basic strokes you need to construct your lower case letters. If you master these you’ll be equipped to write beautiful, well-formed letters, which is the foundation for good calligraphy. Like I already mentioned last week, it is...

The importance of learning the basics of modern calligraphy

Do you sometimes get frustrated with your progress when learning modern calligraphy? This might be because you’re not following one important step, that’s learning the basic strokes. Today I want to embark on a little series to show you the importance of learning the...

From my desk – video demo and changes in 2017

One of my goals this year is to share more of my work - actual projects that I have on my desk, and to share insights and progress from these. I hope you enjoy this departure from strictly educational posts about calligraphy all the time, to more personal insights and...

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