Hi, I’m Julia Bausenhardt, lettering artist and calligrapher.

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Recent Blog Posts

Survey results, new directions for the blog, new courses

First off a a big thank you to everyone who took the time to respond and type their answers in the survey I posted last week. I really, really appreciate you! I was honestly a bit overwhelmed, as there were almost 500 individual responses. I didn’t really have...

Be a part of what this blog looks like – Reader Survey 2017

As I’m planning what to write about in this space, I’m always seeking a balance between what you, my readers, want to know more about and what I can tell interesting stories about. I’ve created a short reader survey that will help me create better blog posts for you,...

Why I keep a daily sketchbook and why I don’t share it online

Today I share some details about my artmaking routine and why I don’t share everything I create, even if I think it’s good work. I also talk about what is necessary to get in the mood for artmaking (and calligraphy practice even more so). Making art is hard Making art...

My Favourite Tools right now (February 2017)

I wanted to share a few of my currently favorite lettering and drawing tools - either new discoveries or tools I’ve had for a while and have rediscovered. Zebra G nib This wonderful nib is one of the standard supplies I recommend for beginners, and actually a lot of...

Video demo: Orange juice food illustration & lettering

When I create illustrations I frequently mix different lettering techniques and tools. Today I have another process video for you demonstrating how I do the draft and inking for a food illustration. In this piece I combined thin elegant script lettering with loose...

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