I’ve assembled these worksheets for anyone who wants to get started with modern calligraphy or who wants to learn a new calligraphic style. You can choose between 4 writing styles, each is a little bit different and has its own personality. All in all it’s a mixture of styles that I use in my own work and some fun variants.

I’ve designed the practice sheets so that you can print them out and practice directly on the paper (if you use high quality printer paper that can be used with a calligraphy pen – I have assembled some tips here) or you can just print them off and use them with a lightbox and a sheet of layout paper.

For each style there’s a whole alphabet, caps and lower case, as well as numbers and basic punctuation.

The styles in detail:

  • No. 1: A basic round, classic style

  • No. 2: a bit fancy, more dramatic style

  • No. 3: a very elegant style, with a few flourishes

  • No. 4: an informal upright script style

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To be able to get these styles onto paper in an orderly fashion I have also prepared two different guide sheets – one with slanted lines and one without.

To learn the basic calligraphy techniques check out my Beginner’s Guide to Modern Calligraphy, it’s a complete walkthrough for beginners and I’ve collected plenty of tips and basic rules there to make the start of your journey as easy as possible.

I hope all of you have fun with the new practice sheets!
With this post, I’ll also take a small break from blogging until next year. I have a lot of exciting things planned, so I hope to see you then to share it with you. Until then, happy calligraphy practicing!


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