Hello, I’m Julia Bausenhardt, illustrator and hand lettering artist.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by drawing letters, and I filled countless notebooks with doodles over the years.
I studied illustration and graphic design in Hamburg and graduated with a diploma from the HAW Hamburg in 2012. I live in Goslar, Germany, surrounded by a lot of forest.

Today I work as an illustrator with a focus on hand-lettering and food illustration.
I draw colorful, vibrant illustrations with letters in all styles and sizes. I combine colors, spontaneous linework, textures and lettershapes to create pieces that make the world a more colorful place.
I enjoy working on food illustrations, book covers, maps, greeting cards, and lettering and calligraphy projects for magazines, publishing houses (or indie authors) and agencies. If you’re interested to commission editorial or commercial work, send me an email: mail |at| juliabausenhardt.com

Teaching calligraphy and hand-lettering is a passion of mine and an important part of my work. If you’re interested in learning about my tools of the trade and how to master them, head over to my blog. I also offer live calligraphy and lettering workshops around Germany. Contact me if you want to organize one.

Since I have readers and clients from around the globe, the spelling and pronunciation of my surname is a constant source of confusion. As a quick reference: „Bausenhardt” is pronounced like “bow (the verb) – zenheart“ – [baʊ zən hɑ:t].

When I’m not working, I love going to botanical gardens, through fields of green and gold, into dark forests and to the sea, to libraries and other places where I can explore the beauty of nature, written words or silence.

My Instagram feed features calligraphy tips, illustration and lettering.